A review of my 2012 sugar detox and the lessons I have been getting from it…




Looking back at 2012 and the achievement of my 8 weeks sugar detox, I have been learning some insightful lessons. As I have mentioned in different posts, cutting out completely of sugar for such period of time has been putting strain on my body. At the time, I also cut in carbohydrates, emphasizing my whole diet to a more protein and fat based one. Again an idea put in my mind by reading articles on cutting out sugars and what type of nutrients to increase.

Well, in combination with a demanding job and a lack of carbohydrates (complex and sugars), my weight plummeted to a dramatic state. I have lost in muscles and strengths and my periods didn’t show any signs since then.

I feel like doing a sugar detox has been great in a sense that it helped me to be more in touch with my body and my food choices. I felt that I developed a more harmonious relationship with this long life enemy  In that sense, it has been helping me to break free of this sort of mental addiction. Also, cutting out of sugars has been helping me to be more aware of what is going into processed food. When looking at labels, it is very surprising to see the staggering amount of sugars that tins of soups, ketchup, smoothies and so on contain.

We are surrounded by sugar. Everywhere you go, sugar is there. Going shopping? sugar is there. Going to the cinema? sugar is there. Going on your way to work/school? sugar is there. Sugar is everywhere and also extremely addictive. It is a scientific fact. For some of you who found it incredibly difficult to cut out in sugar / cakes and blame yourself of your lack of will power…please have a look at the video link, situated on the top of this blog: sugar…the bitter truth. What makes your chocolate bar so irresistible is the ingenious mix of fat and sugar which are the two tastes the most palatable to human beings bringing us comfort in time of stress, loneliness, sadness…

I have then decided to reintroduce sugar as part of a balanced diet. Because this is it, I do believe that sugar is part of a balanced diet and breaking free from the initial addiction is a good thing to do (perhaps not for that long though)…

I am more making conscious decisions about the type of sugar I want to bake or make delightful natural treats with: raw honey / dates / figs / maple syrup. I have lately discovered vegetable glycerine which is a type of sugar you can cook with and which doesn’t impact on blood sugar levels (which makes it perfectly suitable for people suffering from diabetes). I have also discovered STEVIA (liquid or in sachet form) which is called the “sweet herb” and used for centuries in America latina to sweeten coffees, baked goodies and so on. This sweet herb is in his natural state very sweet but does also offer the advantage of not affecting the blood sugar levels.

I love using Stevia because it is a fact, too much of dried fruits and I am bloated…too much of fruits and I am bloated…too much of sweet potatoes or parsnips and I am bloated. I feel that too much sweetness using high sugary ingredients doesn’t suit me at all. But mixing cooked fruits with Stevia increase the sweetness of my baked treats without putting too much pressure on my unstable blood sugar levels. A great discovery of mine!

Looking back at 2012 and my diet, the increase of protein and fats as per advised by some type of diets hasn’t done me any favour. Not that it was the fault of what the type of diet was telling me to eat but I didn’t manage my portions very well. I have increased my fat levels a bit far too much, baking a lot with coconut milk and oil, using unsweetened chocolate and thinking that was acceptable because magazines / articles were saying so…I had so much fun creating some sugar free / dairy free / gluten free recipes but also my system started to be very sluggish. My skin was unclear and my liver and body was trying to tell me signs of imbalances.

I have learnt that it is essential to listen to what our body is telling us and that one specific diet is not sustainable on a long term basis. Our body needs a little bit of everything. I have experienced it myself so many times: too much carbohydrate and I am craving even more for it or feeling sluggish after my meal, too much meat and I am suffering of…oh no shall I say it??? bad breath…too much fat and my skin is very unclear and my face feeling puffy in the morning.

I have learnt that eating real food and unprocessed food is what I want to achieve. I want to take responsibility for what my body is going to eat but also I want to be in control of where my money is going: do I want to give my money to large food manufacturer who is more driven to take my money than being dedicated in making me healthier or do I rather be in control of my money and giving it to people passionate about good and organic food. Food made and grow from love. I personally made my choice.

Of course it won’t be always possible for me to eat real and unprocessed food but 2013 is going to be the year where I am going to cook home-made food more than ever.


I wish you all a beautiful year 2013 made of successful and healthy stories.

With warm love,


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