chocolate truffles


Are you still looking for Christmas ideas? Making your very own truffles can be fun, inexpensive and will certainly satisfy all your family and friends taste buds. You can make them very healthy too: Wheat Free / Gluten Free / Dairy Free and low in sugar!

Making your own will ensure you being in control of the ingredients that go inside these wonderful treats. You can eat them guilt free as these truffles are truly nutritious. Of course, everything in balance and moderation! But because your truffles will be denatured from refined sugars and replaced by more natural, unprocessed and nutritious sweeteners as raw honey or vegetable glycerin, you will not feel the need of overindulging on them and will be satisfy with a couple of them. The variations can be huge and the below recipe can be adapted to your taste and imagination: chili, salted caramel, cardamom and rose…

I haven’t spent a penny for my Christmas shopping yet. Money is restricting my choices, so I have decided to make my very own truffles and offer them as a present to family and friends. Who wouldn’t appreciate a gift made with love and care? QLM House and Home in Meanwood is offering a wide range of crafty items so you can create your very own packaging at low cost.

Today, I have dedicated a couple of hours making some:

~ Whiskey and Toasted Pistachio Truffles~

~ Goji Berries Salted Chocolate Truffles~

& ~ Naked Ginger Chocolate Truffles~

I am pleased to enclose the recipe of some of the truffles that we have made at our “Eat Yourself Healthy, Eat Yourself Happy” night on the 9th of December at the Sunshine Bakery (menus free from Wheat / Gluten / Dairy and low in sugar). Please note the next evening will be held on the 20th of January, starting at 5.30pm.


Low in sugar Chocolate Truffles

Wheat free/ Gluten free / Dairy Free

100g Organic Cocoa Paste

25g Organic coconut cream

25g Vegetable Glycerin; if you are concerned about your sugar intake or if you are suffering from blood sugar fluctuations (Or use raw manuka honey. Raw honey is going through a cold extraction process which ensures the natural pollens, enzymes and anti-bacterial properties to be retained. Raw honey can be taken daily before meals to promote inner wellbeing. Raw manuka honey is expensive but is worthwhile to have in your grocery cabinet! I bought mine from Waitrose £13.95 Steens raw 10+ manuka honey is absolutely delicious!)

10 ml Brandy

3g Xanthan Gum (Xanthan gum will make your truffles more malleable. It helps to improve the crumb structure and reduce crumbling in gluten free baking). I bought mine in Waitrose in the gluten free section: £2.35.


Melt the chocolate & coconut cream “au bain marie”. Once your chocolate has melted, add your chosen sweetener, brandy and the xanthan gum.

Form some little balls and let them set for approximately 10 min.

Roll your truffles in toasted flaked almonds or unsweetened cocoa powder.

This is it! It couldn’t be any easier and is a great fun hobby to do with friends or on a lazy Sunday day! Enjoy!

If you would like more inspiration for Wheat / Gluten / Dairy Free treats as well as being low in sugar, take a look on my pinterest: Stephanie Langevin, Life in Harmony and Balance. You will find some amazing and healthy recipes!

Merry Christmas!

 With Love,


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