Vanilla and toasted coconut bars (Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Free from refined sugar)




So here I am: reintroducing sugar back into my diet. When I am saying sugar I am saying natural sugars and not refined sugar.

Few times, I have let myself indulging in conventional treats (using white sugars / cream / white flour…) such as shortbreads and brownies. I can remember that one day during my shift at the bakery… I was absolutely c-r-a-v-i-n-g something sweet.

My tummy felt very uncomfortable at the time and weirdly enough, those times are when I am craving something sweet and something that I DO DEEPLY know will NOT make me feel good the next day.

I know my body so well now and because I have connected with him so much… I DO know that eating wheat / gluten / dairy / sugar and much more are affecting the way I feel and the way I look.

Only me can feel it and most of the time people say that those reaction are purely coming from my imagination. But I do know that I am intolerant to those ingredients. It took me a while to accept it. I cannot ignore any longer the signals that my body is sending me.

The problem with food intolerances is that they are very subtle and very difficult to detect.They are vicious as they tend to develop within 24 hours or even more as opposed to food allergies which are detectable straight away. They are playing with our immune system, making it weaker and weaker over time and ultimately creating diseases  on a long term.

My food intolerances are making me feel very lethargic but also strongly addicted to them. Usually the next day of indulging in treats containing wheat / sugars / cream … my face , eyes and lips are swollen and puffy. I cannot think clearly and my energy levels are very low. My mood is also suffering because ONE: I do not feel and look good TWO: wheat and sugar together have been linked to mood disorders.

I have came across a very interesting fact concerning food intolerances and their addictive effects. (Extract “Fill your plate with endorphins-boosting Joy Foods” THE MOOD CURE by Julia Ross): […p114] Another thing that can make flour and dairy products so pleasurable and addictive, ironically, is their ability to cause more uncomfortable allergy reactions than just about any other foods. Both can cause major inflammation of both the digestive and respiratory tracts. You may not be aware of the pain while digesting these foods because there are few nerves in your digestive tract, but if you are bloated, gassy, or constipated on a regular basis, or are tired or sleepy regularly after your meals, you are getting the message that something is wrong in your digestive system. […] Allergic reactions to certain grains and milk products usually kick in during childhood, when we are typically fed so much milk, wheat based cereals, noodles and bread. Allergy symptoms like earaches, stomach-aches  constipation, asthma and other respiratory problems are typically ignored or misdiagnosed, so the body begins to increase endorphin activity to comfort us from this chronic allergic irritation and damage. Ironically, this makes these foods irresistible.”

It really make sense to me. It is how I feel… The more I am indulging in food which are containing wheat / gluten / dairy / high in sugar, the more I am craving those food. It feels like I have uncontrollable impulses to binge on them and cannot simply stop or resonate myself to stop.

I am glad to have recognised this pattern that I felt into SOOO MANY TIMES.

Now, I am learning about healthier alternatives which are going to make me feel good. I am making sure of having alternatives and delicious treats in hand so I can freely indulge on sweet flavours when I feel the urge to do so.

My Sundays are my baking days! I LOVE MY SUNDAYS. I usually go for a walk/run in the park and stop by my local Waitrose to get my super natural ingredients for my sweet creations.

I came across this recipe that I wanted to try: The result is absolutely beyond your imagination! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED these treats.

The toasted coconut, dates, almond butter, coconut oil and the vanilla extract are making these treats incredibly tasty! They are also amazingly nutritious and full of goodness as opposed to sugar which do not contain any valuable nutrients. I didn’t add the recommended stevia and found the recipe sweet enough (I soaked the dates overnight to break down the sugar which I tend to strongly react. Indeed, dried fruits are an absolutely shock to my digestive system but also blood sugar levels! I will pass on the details… However, if those enemies are soaked overnight + mixed with good and healthy fats, their effects seem to be minimised).

The sweetness that I have been getting from these wonderful  “vanilla and toasted coconut bars” has really made MY DAY!

With warm Love,



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