Update on my 8 weeks sugar detox challenge…



It has been a little while now that I have been reintroducing natural sugar back into my diet. As I have mentioned in a previous post, 8 weeks without having any sugar at all have been putting strain in my body. I had this uncontrollable feeling of anger, I was feeling tense and wasn’t warm towards others, my partner but also myself. I needed to be on my own and I realised that AGAIN…something wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t living the harmonious and balanced life that I was always craving for.

It was time for me to acknowledge that my body NEEDED the sweet flavour back into my diet. But I didn’t want to go back to my previous patterns which were indulging in refined sugars when I was allowing me to do so.

The primary reason why I have done this sugar detox was because I let myself indulging in sugary treats such as brownies, cupcakes …e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y during my shifts at the bakery. And I can tell you that it didn’t make me feel good at all. I was addicted to them and couldn’t stop eating them. I was finding hard to say NO, not today. It was making me feel sad and unhappy about my relationship with sweet food. Why on earth could I have not been like a normal and balanced person and just indulge sweet treats with friends once every now and then and stop thinking about them? Why did I have this feeling of overeating and not being capable of saying stop after my first slice? Why did I not feel S-A-T-I-S-F-I-E-D with just one slice?

I think that I found my answer…because refined sugar is not real food. Refined sugar has been man made and modified. Our body doesn’t have the ability to recognise this substance and doesn’t have the hormone to let us know when we are satisfied or not. Being an empty calorie, refined treats doesn’t have nutritional values or whatsoever.

Refined treats should be considered as occasional treats but the main problems is that we are surrounded by highly refined and processed chocolate treats everywhere we go. We are eating them everyday. The sweet flavour mixed with the fats are the most palatable, soothing and comforting texture and taste that human beings are craving for. We are emotionally and physically attached to them.

At today’s date, I can honestly say that I have been breaking free from my addiction to sugar but also learnt the invaluable lesson that my body does need sugar. Sugar indeed but natural sugar. I have therefore discovered natural food to provide my body with its sweet requirement such as: sweet potatoes, coconut milk / oil / cream / flour which are incredibly nourishing, soothing and comforting due to their natural sweet flavour.

In Ayurvedic medicine, rice is considered as “SWEET” so I delight myself creating some rice puddings adding sweet spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, sweet fennel…Those spices have the benefits of helping my digestive system (which is a bonus for me as I realised that my digestion is not very strong so adding digestive spices are helping me to have a happy tummy). I can also add dried dates (soaked overnight as dried fruits do not sit well on my digestive system). Dates are extremely nourishing and cleansing according to Ayurveda and I would recommend anyone reading this post to have a look at what ayurvedic medicine can offer to you.

Now I love baking with natural ingredients. I am dedicating my sundays to create wonderful Gluten Free / dairy Free cakes. Sundays are like special treats that I am looking forward to. I love baking as much as purchasing my wonderful ingredients as well as indulging in my sweet treats. I make it a special occasion. I honor this day. I am taking my time preparing a herbal tea so I can make a break in my day.

I Love “afternoon teas”. Because I try to have regular routines through my days, I have reconnected with the traditional afternoon tea. Before reintroducing a much needed regularity in my days, I was drinking herbal teas, coffees, teas at anytime of the day. I wasn’t appreciating my drinks that much.They were more part of a habit more than anything else. My afternoon tea helps me to disconnect from the hectic pace of the day. I found that  a warm chai latte (simply made with almond milk or soya milk with sweet spices) is totally nourishing and is usually enough to keep me going to my dinner. I am surprised on how filling almond milk or soya milk can be. They are satisfying my sweet taste without making me feel sluggish. I usually feel nourished and energised straight after this peaceful tea break. I love ayurveda and I am referring a lot to this very ancient healing system: Ayurveda acknowledge milk as a complete food and do not recommend drinking it with any other food. Sometimes I am not following this piece of advice as sometimes I do feel the need of indulging in almond and coconut biscuits (of course Gluten free and low in sugar!). I just follow what my body is telling me to do.

The key for me is to have my wonderful homemade treats in hands so i am not tempted to indulge in refined treats when I feel like it.

If you are interested in getting some Gluten free / dairy free / low in sugar treats, you can find them on my pinterest (Stephanie Langevin). I love gathering beautiful recipes from all over the world and suitable to my food sensitivities too.

Have a lovely day,

With warm Love,


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