How to eat organic nutritious food, free from added sugars / salt…at very low cost


Sometimes, I want something quick, nutritious, warming & comforting, free from additives or added sugar / salt to indulge on.

Sometimes, I do not want to cook and want/need something N-O-W. Perhaps I have pushed my body a bit too far in not providing him enough fuel to feel sustained and nourished?

I am not doing well on large meals, especially at night time.Having a troubled digestive system… I need meals fairly light, light in fats but comforting and satisfying enough for me to not overindulge in anything I can grab. Because this is it: If I am hungry and want to eat straight away, I better have something delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare so I can be satisfied.

My latest finding is: Organix (no added salt / preservatives / artificial flavourings) BABY FOOD.

Yes, you have been reading baby food correctly…Baby food (from 7 months) is amazing in term of providing pure and nutritious food. Let me read you the ingredients that I have been indulging on:

Organic Vegetable & Chicken Masala (Organic British Chicken)

3 2/5 tbsp cooked organic wholegrain rice

1 tbsp organic peas

3/5 pureed organic carrot

1/2 sliced organic chicken

1/5 organic onion

4 tsp chopped organic red pepper

2/5 organic tomato

sprinkle organic coriander, cumin, tumeric & ginger

Junk 0%

Total 100%

Of course, I have been making some slight changes for my meal to be more substantial and filling than just one pot of baby food.

2 x pots of 190 g made a decent amount of food, served with 2 toasted slices of G.F bread. I have added a bit of pink himalayan salt, black pepper but also some clarified butter that I love (clarified butter (also called ghee) is extremely healing for the gut lining, a hero of mine to help with my digestive issues!)

I wouldn’t eat baby food every single night…(just to reassure people who were wondering…) but every now and then when I do fancy something light in fats and rich in organic vegetables and whole grain cooked rice, this is what I like to stock up in my food cabinet….

AND THE BEST OF ALL…2 x pots of 190 g costed me…£1.00 from Poundland!

Who said that eating delicious, natural, warming and comforting organic food was expensive?

With warm Love,



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