My Today’s Craving: C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E

Today is a day I R-E-A-L-L-Y fancy eating something sweet. Chocolate to be more accurate!

While prior my sugar detox I was constantly craving for desserts, cakes and chocolate, at today’s date I am more in tune with my body. I am more capable to know what my body wants. I allow my body to have whatever he wants without having a constant feeling of guilt.

Because this is it: I realised that some days are sweet, comforting and indulging days! On some other days well…those are meaty days or fishy days!

I have stopped to fight. I know that creating treats low in sugar are a wonderful way to nourish, love and respect what my body wants.

I always had this inner fight: indulging in something sweet but beating myself in doing so. The guilt of eating was creating stress in my body and perhaps had an havoc effect on the way I was digesting treats which were supposed to make me feel better!

Please consider this article I found extremely interesting: “Healthy Eating – A Chinese Medicine Perspective by Daverick Leggett: Don’t worry. These days this is the single most important piece of advice I give to my clients. I mean it. In Chinese medicine we understand that emotions and states of mind impact our Qi. Worry, the emotion associated with the spleen, knots the Qi. This manifests as tension in the digestive system and inhibits our ability to digest clearly. When Chinese medicine says “Anxiety damages the Blood” it is describing this process. So worry, especially about food, is damaging. In fact I would go further and say that today worrying about food, overwhelmed as we are by too much often contradictory information and stimulation, has become a pathology.  Related to this is the state of the body when receiving the food. In the words of the bard “Unquiet meals make ill digestion” (Shakespeare, Comedy of Errors). Relaxation and enjoyment are key and are part of the “yin” aspect of digestion. A relaxed body will digest more easily and enjoying our food is how to open to nourishment. Digestion begins before we put the food into our mouths. The sight and smell of the food on our plate begins the production of digestive enzymes. Therefore, taking time to appreciate food before we put it in our mouths is part of healthy eating. If I have achieve nothing else with a client beyond convincing them to slow down, stop worrying and enjoy their food I am happy with the session.”

Prior my sugar detox, I couldn’t enjoy my relationship with sugar, as I knew deep down that sugar had control over me. I wasn’t capable of making clear choices for myself. I had uncontrollable impulses which were making me sad, unhappy and malnourished. Now, I recognise and accept when my body wants something sweet. I recognise that some days influence what my body needs to eat.

That is why, being in touch with my body, allowing it to eat whatever he needs to in order to function at his optimum health is essential. For so many decades (not that many though!! I am only 31 years old. haha), I have been eating with what healthy magazines were telling me to eat. So many years of ignoring what my body was craving for. When some days I wanted sweet flavour, I was beating myself up. I was fighting against my body. Or when I was allowing myself indulging on sweet treats, I was overindulging on them. I thought that sweet things were my downfall, but I am certain now that my body was craving the “sweet flavour” (needed for a balanced eating) not sugar.

At today’s date, I am a firm believer of the position of the moon and the way the moon can influence the requirements of my body (I will expand this point in a different post). The more I am in touch with my body, the more I recognise that some days  what I am craving for is meat or on some other days some complex carbohydrates.

That is why diets do not work. Because they are not acknowledging our personal Nutritional Rhythm and only us can define what our nutritional rhythm is.

It is about honouring our body and is requirements. It is about stopping the fight. Filling our body with real and home-made food.

I know now that my body does better without wheat and gluten but also without dairy. I do also know that my body does better with a lighter meal at night (no later than 6.30p.m) so he can perform his detoxifying process without having to deal with an overloaded digestion. I do know that some days, my body needs the complex carbohydrates so my food cabinet would need to have healthy alternatives such as rice, quinoa, grains…so I am not indulging in quick & easy to grab sandwiches sold in most supermarkets.

I love making my own food now. I love combining flavours together that healthy magazines were not allowing me to do. Before, I wasn’t capable of defining what did taste good to me. Now, I love spices and herbs, a wonderful way of adding flavour healthily. Now, I love making comforting and creamy rice pudding with sweet spices such as cardamom or cinnamon and a dollop of rice syrup when I feel like it. Now I love making wonderful stew with meat or fish when I feel like it.

I am not scared of food anymore. I welcome the time I can prepare food with care and Love. I am not scared of overindulging or binging on food because I trust my body and connect with my very own inner wisdom.

I know what my body likes and if I listen carefully to him, it does speak to me!

With warm LOVE,

Stephanie xxx

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