Update on my 8 weeks Sugar Detox Challenge…

Here is an update on my sugar detox challenge and some of the lessons that I have learnt so far…

Feeling Number 1: Sugar has less power over my thoughts, actions and well being.

Being on a 2 months sugar free detox… I detached myself from my daily addiction. Sugar has less control over me. It doesn’t overpower my life the way it used to do. It doesn’t make me sad or unhappy because at today’s date, I am more in control. I am feeling free and can easily decide if yes or not, I want to indulge in processed and refined sugary treats . Or if alternatively, I want to nourish my body with home-baked treats with lower and healthier sugar contents which are making me feel vibrant, energized and so good about myself .

I am not physically addicted to this white substance any more which was making me feel sick and emotionally unbalanced.  Not being physically addicted means that my cravings have less and less power over me. I feel calmer and able to make the right choices to fully nourish and sustain my body.

Feeling Number 2: 6 weeks detox was  long enough to reintroduce the “sweet flavour” in my food.

After 8 weeks on my sugar free detox, I was planning on carrying on that way. I wanted to cut out on the sugar completely. I was seeing it as an unhealthy addiction that I didn’t want to go back into (another unbalanced way of thinking!)

After 8 weeks, however I was feeling more aggressive and impatient towards people and myself. I wasn’t my usual self. It didn’t occur to me that missing out on sweetness was putting strain on my body…

My body was unbalanced because of the “sweet” flavour missing out in my diet.  It was a challenging decision for me to reintroduce it into my diet. But the question was also to be asked… How can I reintroduce sweetness in my food and still feel nourished and nurtured at the same time? I found out that sweet flavoured food such as well cooked rice and sweet potato baked until soft are delicious in their jackets! I found that I can make a delicious sweet potato chocolate pudding by mixing naturally sweet flavoured ingredients such as coconut cream, pure vanilla extract or cashew nut butter are deeply satisfying and fulfilling…I do not feel like overeating on them as these are truly nutritious to my body.

The body is quite amazing once you start to listen to it. My aggressiveness and impatience were telling me that it was time to reintroduce the “sweet” flavour and NOT the sugar. (Please note: I do not advocate that you must NOT eating it. My journey is to provide you with my own experience so you can make your own informed decisions :”a little of what you fancy does you good but too much can become your poison”).

Please consider:

Refined sugar is known as “The White Poison” in Japan and “The Great White Death” in China. It is intensely sweet, creates strong highs and lows both physically and mentally and also cravings if eaten regularly […] Sugar imbalances our blood. Due to intensely sweet “flavour” of refined sugar, the Spleen / Stomach become shocked and as a consequence the production of vital Blood is adversely affected = weak digestion / aching joints & muscles / premature ageing / sagging tissue.“Five flavours rooted in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine by http://www.wendymorrisson-acupuncture.co.uk

In small quantities it can be used as medicine, such as a piece of 70% cocoa chocolate now and then! However, if consumed regularly as chocolate snacks, biscuits, cakes or ice cream it can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, anaemia  bone density loss and contributes to herpes and yeast infections, cancer, PMT and menstruation problems. On the mental health side of things it can lead to memory loss, lack of concentration, nervousness, anxiety and the desire for only the sweet things in life“. Pitchford, Healing with Whole foods, North Atlantic Books, 1993

Daverick Leggett says “from a western point of view, sugar overstimulates the pancreas and exhausts the adrenals  leaches some minerals and upsets the protein / carbohydrate balance. Its overconsumption is a major cause of immune weakness and allergy” Recipes for self healing, Meridian press, 1999

Feeling no 3: Reducing sugar contributed to my weight loss.

Weight loss wasn’t on my agenda at all. I wanted to re establish an harmonious relationship with sugar. I wanted to break free from the physical and emotional addiction  that sugar had on me. I wanted to live a life free from guilt and unhappiness.

The thing is, I have always been on the edge of being underweight and loosing weight was out of question! Unfortunately for me…I have lost too much weight and my body looks rather too thin right now. I really didn’t realise my weight loss up until 3 weeks ago when people who didn’t see me for a while commented on how skinny and bony 😦 I was. It did really strike me when one day, I planned on shopping for a new pair of bra. Trying on new pairs of bra exposed my body to the way I have never seen it before!

I wouldn’t say that sugar was the only reason’s why  have lost weight…

Self-realisation no 1: Working in the catering industry, lunch times are the busiest time. Lunch breaks are not best taken around those times and I guess that I didn’t eat enough. I was eating the same food day after day because of its convenience: houmous (I was addicted to it!!!), rocket, slices of cooked beef or ham. It was filling me enough to keep me going. I was sincerely  full and didn’t need more food…However, I understand now that eating food over and over again (as healthy as it seems…) are as unhealthy as eating fried fatty food every single day.

Self-realisation no 2: by not taking proper time to eat slowly, my body wasn’t fully nourished. I do believe that the focus and the enjoyment that I am getting from appreciating my food are as important as the king of food that I am eating.

At today’s date, I have realised the importance of cooking my own food. Bring variety to my meals are essential. Taking a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes break to properly eat my meal also need to be done. Eating mindfully, slowly and making sure that the quantity of my food is sufficient are all part of healthy eating too.

If we listen to our body, it speaks to us!

Have a lovely autumnal day to you all,

Stephanie xxx

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2 thoughts on “Update on my 8 weeks Sugar Detox Challenge…

  1. I enjoyed reading about your sugar detox update. I can relate to you on some levels. When I eliminated sugar from my diet, I didn’t feel any different emotionally towards anyone. However, my body craved it as well. I love smoothies so it was easy to fulfill my sugar cravings with fruit. Thanks!

    • Awe 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to drop me your comment ! How are you managing your cravings for sweet treats now? I have started a pinterest board gathering lots of wonderful treats low in sugar :)) Pinterest is a great way to gather everything you love in one place. Thought I would share that. Have a lovely day.

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