A Ceramic Painting Class is so much FUN!

If you haven’t try a ceramic painting class, please DO! It is so much fun and get your creative cells going!

Me and my partner absolutely L-O-V-E-D it ! I booked the ceramic painting class via a Living Social deal back in April. I was so excited to attend the class & I have to say…I haven’t been disappointed!

The class was situated in a little village nearby York, UK. The studio was adorable, the surroundings beautiful and the choice of ceramics to paint on various and numerous.

I felt in love with a all-in-one tea pot and my partner with a three divided section plate. We thought those two items would make a great addition to our home sweet home! I couldn’t find anything more satisfying than painting on something which would be used on a daily basis!

I made my “design” very simple. Extremely simple in fact! I am not good at drawing and didn’t want to spoil mon chef d’ oeuvre! I knew I wanted an array of various colours and make things simple…so here is what I came up with:

And here is what my partner came up with:

I would recommend anybody wanting to try something fun and a bit different to make some search on Internet for a class! It is such a lovely evening out!


With much Love,

Stephanie xxx

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