Taking risks…There is nothing to Fear

I have never been willing to take risks in my life:

Reason no 1: I didn’t trust myself enough

Reason no 2: I was scared of failing (no action = no failure right?)

Reason no 3: I was undecisive of my decisions being right or wrong

Reason no 4: I was scared of the unknown

Not taking great deals of risks helped me to feel safe, to stay where I was and within my comfort zone. It might sound positive but looking back, it didn’t offer me the opportunity for growth and development.

Since quiting my job 6 months ago, I have been through some tough times but…I feel that it has been the most important part of my life in term of learning about myself, appreciating myself for who I am, being proud of myself for getting out difficult transition times, making some positive changes in my life which wouldn’t have occurred by NOT taking risks.

Back in December 2011, I have quitted my full time job to completely immerse myself in my newly found passion: Life Coaching. Life coaching is a beautiful career that I wanted to pursue on a full time basis. At the time, my friends and partner warned me about the risks of this decision. At the time, I didn’t want to take notice. I followed what my heart was telling me to do.

I wanted to prove to myself but others too that when you got a dream…you need to follow it with conviction and passion.

However… I didn’t have in depth experiences, only the passion that I had to help others. I don’t really know what did happen in my mind because looking back: No I didn’t have enough experience to make a living of my Life Coaching qualification but also being honest with myself was essential. Looking at my own life and recognizing that I had some personal issues to deal with prior pretending helping others with similar issues was essential.

This time of forcing my life coaching career becoming my reality drained me. I didn’t have any savings. I was in complete emotional turmoil.

Looking back and analyzing my actions, I think that unconsciously, I took my Life Coaching career as an excuse to quit my previous job. My energy wasn’t there anymore. It wasn’t fair on me and on other people who worked with me to carry on. I wasn’t happy anymore. But I was scared of taking the jump because my mind was telling me: “Foolish YOU for quitting your job, look at your finance…why would you add on responsibility in a new job while you know your current job so well…what if you are failing….”

I tried to make my life coaching working for 4 months. Nothing did really happen. I was so concern of my finances that I tried even harder. Nothing did really happen.

Today, I understand that I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready: especially in a context of helping others from a place of desperation.

My partner decided to step in and said to me: allo??!!?? R-E-A-L-I-T-Y  C-H-E-C-K Steph! Get A J-O-B! For me it was difficult to let go of the idea of not making my life coaching my reality but I had to…I wasn’t ready to help others. I had to help myself first.

My partner suggested me to visit local businesses. The first place that I came into contact with was: The Sunshine Bakery, Chapel Allerton Leeds UK…which kindly offered me a job!

Hitting the bottom rock had various positive impacts on me:

1) I didn’t have anything to loose. I didn’t have any money. This situation helped me to get out of my comfort zone and get out of my shell by attending interviews. I always HATED interviews. HATED them! But what was the worst which could happen to me: the worst = staying in a similar position and not having a job or going for interviews and getting a job! One day, I attended an assistant manager interview for a business Centre. I have never felt so relaxed and uplifted in any interviews before! My mindset was set on: “Let’s enjoy the process Steph…you don’t have anything to loose…”I didn’t get the job but felt so confident and proud of myself too of overcoming my fears. It taught me that it wasn’t that scary. In fact, by just changing my mindset and attitude…it really helped me to approach the situation in a whole different way.

2) Working locally, I don’t spend any money on bus ride

3) Working locally, I am not in town anymore (my previous job was located in the city Centre) so am less likely tempted by constant sales offers.

4) I am learning to simplify my life which ultimately is making me feel happier and content.

5) I have got my weekends off but also my Mondays off which are giving me the opportunity to organize Fun things to do with my partner and friends but also working on my blog, planning, budgeting ….(working in retail previously didn’t allow me to have full Saturdays and Sundays for myself)

5) I have decreased my stress level by not being in a managerial position anymore.

6) I am dedicating my time to get out in nature and practice outdoor activities.

7) I am simply HAPPY, GRATEFUL and CONTENT for what I have got.

8) I am working with amazing, genuine and lovely people!

I could list more positive things which did happen to me but I will stop there J

By overcoming my own fears, life has been sweeter than ever. It took me strength and courage but ultimately I am feeling more at peace with myself.

I do hope that if you are in a transition time and fear making a change in your life, this post will inspire you to move forward anyway. It might feel very uncomfortable at first (in fact…it will and that is OK) but the benefits from making changes will bypass this temporary uncomfortable feeling.

With much Love,

Stephanie xxx

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