Mookaite: my balancing crystal stone

I love healing stones! Some of you might think that their “magical power” are purely and utterly placebo effect. I do not hold the truth of them but I do like using them.

They make me think and bring me closer to how I feel.  They make me stop and think on how I can bring myself back into balance. They help me be in touch with my emotions and help me to put words on them.

I have got loads of them: rose quartz (healing the heart), black obsidian (grounding my energy), clear quartz (at times of confusion), aquamarine (to strengthen and improve my communication), orange calcite (to enhance my creativity), moonstone (to help with hormonal imbalances) and much more!

I have been lately purchasing a beautiful stone called MOOKAITE. I was ready to leave my local crystal shop when the below stone catched my eyes. Here is the description of the Mookaite stone by Crystal Holding design. I found this stone at times when I needed to put things back in balance…

The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis - Mookait...

MOOKAITE: a balancing crystal stone – 
PROPERTIES: An aboriginal healing stone. Bestows strength, brings harmony and balance. helps to reduce the signs of ageing. An emotional protector. Make you more adventurous and flexible, and to see all solutions and outcomes. Aids new experiences and but keeps you grounded. Good for meditation and the awakening of genetic knowledge. Enhances instinct and communication, especially with the unborn child and animals. Aids the immune system, healing wounds and regeneration. Good for digestion, blood, reproduction, liver, spleen and hernias.

CHAKRAS: Third eye/ROOT/SOLAR PLEXUS “Crystal Holdings Design”

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