Aloe Vera Leaf…my dear digestive healer

I do not know why and cannot put my head around this one: THE MORE I AM BLOATED…THE MORE I WANT TO EAT…

I cannot understand…What I do know is that some food are triggering this lovely feeling…roasted carrots, sprouted beans, too much raw vegetables but also eating more than what my body can handle…and this one is a tricky one… (I will keep this one for another post)

What I do know too is that I have found a great soothing tool to help me reducing this uncomfortable feeling so I can put my tummy back in balance: ALOE VERA LEAVES !

Aloe  Vera

Aloe Vera (Photo credit: tjmwatson)

On Saturday me and my partner went to a supermarket specialised in West Indian, Pakistani/Asian food and perhaps Greek food called CC Continental. It is a great place to shop for products such as lentils, chickpeas and so on. You can also find some unusual products nowhere found in conventional UK supermarkets.

Going back to my Aloe Vera leaves, CC continental were selling lots of them. One long leave costed me £1.25.

This afternoon, after indulging on a roasted carrot puree (yes that is right…the one that I DO KNOW will upset my tummy…). I felt that eating a tablespoon of the gelatinous substance found in the leave was the right thing for me to do.

I have to say that the texture was very bizarre and a bit unusual to swallow but the taste wasn’t particularly unpleasant. Also, my uncomfortable cramps reduced very quickly!

I would recommend anyone with digestive discomfort to give it a try! The only thing would be to get hold of it but perhaps you could go and visit a similar shop and ask them if they could stock up on some aloe vera leaves for you?

Hope this tip will help you as much as it does for me.

With much Love,

Stephanie xxx


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4 thoughts on “Aloe Vera Leaf…my dear digestive healer

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  3. Hello again:-)

    Are you aware that just a touch too much aloe can have a cleansing effect on the body (i.e. in the bathroom for awhile type of cleanse)?

    Ginger is really good for bloating, nausea, gas, upset tummy, etc… w/o the cleansing effect of aloe.

    I hope you continue to do well. This will probably be my last comment to your blog.

    • I will surely take your advice on board 🙂 Is there any good time to take the aloe vera for a cleansing effect. Rather Morning or Night?

      Ginger wise, I have heard of it indeed and keep grated ginger in the freezer so I can serve myself whenever while it doesn’t go bad.

      Have a lovely sunday,


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