I LOVE YOGA but…can’t always motivate myself…

I really like Yoga.

I love the good stretch, I love the focus and awareness that it does give to my body, I love the people who are attending the classes, I love the spiritual orientated teachers, I love the meditation/relaxation bit at the end of each session…

I love Yoga but I am not practising as much as I would like to for a couple of reasons:

– I cannot always afford the sessions

– I am not always motivated to do yoga

I recently met a lovely friend who suggested that she was practising Kundalini Yoga http://www.mayaspace.com/index.html . We both found out that we were in possession of the exact same DVD so we decided to plan a day so we can motivate each other.

Here is a You Tube video on Kundalini yoga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghEpKF1k3-Y

Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress - Includes bonus music CD featuring Maya [DVD]

Her parents who have build a eco-friendly house was the ideal place to hold the session! I loved it and this new experience had few benefits:

Meeting new people

Discovering a new place

Deepening my knowledge on eco-friendly house

Getting me out of my house and stop finding excuses of NOT attending a yoga class

SAVING money and practising YOGA for … FREE!

After the session,  I decided to walk back to my house. The sun was shinning, the evening was quiet, the air was fresh, the birds were singing…I felt like walking through a paradise 🙂

The Carlsbad Flower Fields in Carlsbad, Califo...

With Kind Love

Stephanie xxx

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