Keeping a balanced diet is not always easy…

Keeping a balanced diet has been and is still a little bit tricky for me. Being on this two months sugar free journey, I recognise that I am indulging a bit too much on my sugar free treats … They do not contain any sugar but are rich in raw coconut oil / coconut flakes / coconut cream/ avocados/ raw chocolate / almond butter and so on.

I can easily indulge on them after my meals, thinking that they are part of my balanced diet. However, lately I have noticed that eating them freely and on a regular basis make me feel a bit sluggish and not 100% right neither! I have always have this tendency of increasing one category of food for the detriment of the other.

I need to look at and plan my meals a bit better as sometimes I am not paying enough attention at the amount of fats (even good fats) that I am putting in my body.

Here is the lesson that I am getting from this experience: I need to treat my sugar free treats as occasional indulgences, the same as I would do for non sugar free treats. I would need to raise a little bit more my awareness as when I am eating meals with a bit too much high fat content through the day so I can readjust my diet with higher vegetable content meals at night time.

Tonight, I wanted something lean served with green vegetables and salad: a real treat = tuna steak (a very special treat that me and my partner are having time to time :)))

Tuna steak:

Salt & black Pepper to taste

A dash of Tamari sauce


Green Salad:

1 gem lettuce

Leftover of cooked vegetables: asparagus / cherry tomatoes / broccoli …

1 stalk of celery

Salad dressing:

Apple cider vinegar

Olive oil

Wholegrain mustard

Very simple, very fulfilling and filling ! You can add whatever you fancy to this salad. I love the mix of colours! Beautiful 🙂

Have a lovely evening everyone,

With kind Love,

Stephanie xxx

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4 thoughts on “Keeping a balanced diet is not always easy…

  1. caschroader on said:

    Hi again. Are you working with a Naturopathic Doctor or other type of medical professional?

    When we were trying to cut out refined sugars and other processed foods, one of the things a Naturopath told us was that cravings for sugar were usually due to a lack of protein.

    If you are having cravings for one thing, it may mean you are deficient in something (protein, minerals, a vitamin, etc…).

    • Hello! You are absolutely right. For many years, I have left on the side the protein category…not for any specific reasons though. At the time, my diet was really rich in raw food / salads / legumes / fruits …without considering too much eggs, meat, fish and so on. Not that I am blaming on a raw food diet (because it seems to do wonder to some people!) but my lifestyle combined with emotional trauma, stress, not enough exercise, my obsession with healthy food, heavy detox and so on…didn’t really help me to feel nourished physically and emotionally.

      Cravings can be a hard one to have the answer to but I am getting there 🙂

      I do hope you are well and many thanks for your insights and your help. I really do appreciate it 🙂


  2. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for linking to my blog post!

    I admire you for going sugar free. I’ve cut back a lot on the sugar, and I definitely feel better. I’ve also noticed that indulging every now and then helps with the sugar cravings. I wish you much luck!

    • Good morning Megan,

      Thank you for your kind words! I have never been able and didn’t even consider to cut out sugar because I was too emotionally attached but physically too! Working in a wonderful bakery, I have been indulging myself in brownies and cupcakes every single day… but quickly realised that after 3 weeks of delightful indulgence…well…I felt awful, my skin was so unclear and dull and spotty, I was addicted more than ever and found it REALLY hard not to have any sweet treats through the day, this period did also correspond to a 3 months delayed periods. I thought it was stress but more and more I am seeing a link between my increase intake of sugar and my absence of periods.

      Sorry, I am overloading you there! haha

      I guess that this time has been helping me to understand how sugar was impacting on my body and see the effects for myslelf. I read about it in the past but up until I didn’t really experience the side effects of sugar…a change couldn’t occur?

      Right, I will stop there Megan 🙂 Have a lovely day

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