Healthier natural sweeteners still make me overindulging on them…

A lovely blogger responded to one of my sugar free posts and asked me if I have ever tried replacing the refined sugar by healthier ones to help on my sugar free journey. I just thought I would share my answer on my blog as a main post:

“Bonjour :) Thank you for your suggestion. I have indeed use agave nectar, honey and manuka honey, fruit sugars and dried fruits, lucuma powder and so on. Refined or natural sweeteners still kept me wanting more and more of. Once I started on eating healthy or non healthy treats, the same problem occurred…couldn’t stop myself just eating one piece…I had to have it all with an overwhelming feeling of not being of control of my compulsive eating behaviour.

Right now, what I try to achieve is to get the TASTE and the sugar out of my system for a couple of months.THE: “I have to have something sweet…NOW…EVERYDAY…(healthy or refined) does not make me feel good”.

Through my journey, I have read about fructose which is considered as natural sugar by many. The only problem is that our body does not recognise fructose. If we are eating too much of it, fructose (in large quantity) suppress our leptin hormone which is the one able to tell you when you are full or not. Fructose has to be processed via our liver and in excess is store as fat. The more I eat, the less I know when I am full = the more likely I indulge on it (at least, it is my interpretation. it might not resonate with other people on a different journey of mine…). Agave nectar is about 90% fructose…

The thing is by looking at our labels, sugar (high in fructose) is everywhere in our food: mustard, chilli sauce, stock, process food, salad dressing, low fat products (products with less fat would taste like cardboard so brands had to increase sugar content to make their products taste acceptable), processed cheese, cereals….

The combination of sugar and fats make a very attractive and “addictive” taste for people. I feel like the food industry knows about it. Have you ever experienced eating one Pringle and not being able to stop? I have done that so many times…and I found out that Pringle does have sugar added to it. Bizarre, isn’t it for a savoury treat? I wonder WHY? So for me, if I don’t have the hormone to process the sugar content of this item, that might be the reason why I cannot stop to just one and have to overindulge on them, quickkkk…and not a LACK F WILL POWER…as I so many times beat myself up about…

I am sorry to overload you :) there is a link on my blog: “sugar the bitter truth”. If you are interested in the subject, I would advice you to watch the video on you tube.

I do not want to convince anybody in what I am saying. I am just exposing the insights that I am getting for myself and my struggles.

Phewwww, I wish you a beautiful weekend. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Many thanks,


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