WEEK 2: a balanced life free from sugar

My journey on being sugar free is not as bad as I thought it would be! In fact, it is already making me feel better. Just the fact to not have the choice bewteen eating sugar or not: Shall I have this piece of brownie?…NO….shall I have this piece of brownie?…OH WELL…I have been working hard and just one won’t do me any harm…BUT…I do know that it won’t make me feel good afterwards and I CANNOT resist in having one more and more and more…I will wait…Yes, that is right…I will wait…shall I have this piece of brownie NOW?…

It is a real battle…By having a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for the next couple of months, at least I am not having this constant inner “energy sapping” chat all day long! When the thought of having a piece of cake is coming up, saying NO and moving on is making my journey easier.

The thing is, knowing how bad sugar makes me feel and knowing how addictive it is… help me to be less tolerant towards it. I am just not attracted to it anymore. At least from now…I guess that it took me a long time before having this switch lighted on and I needed to experience the effects that sugar had on me before saying: “you know what sugar… you are not my friend anymore…”

I do not want to say never, as restriction is not part of living in harmony and balance. But I do want to be in a position to give sugar less power in my life.

Planning and preparing sugar free treats in case of EMERGENCY are helping me too. Right now, they are helping me to get use to my unsweetened food but still having the sensation of indulging myself.

Few days ago, I wanted to make some sugar free raw white chocolate that I could keep in the fridge when I desperately wanted a treat. I came across a fantastic blog called: the coconut mama. I LOVE THIS BLOG! Coconut is just so good and so nutritious that I am so glad that the Coconut Mama has dedicated a whole blog around this fabulous ingredient! http://thecoconutmama.com/2011/01/raw-white-chocolate-candy-sugar-free-2/

My below version is an adaptation of the above recipe. I wanted to add some cashew nut butter but couldn’t find any in my local health food shop. Cashew nut is adding lots of sweetness without the added sugar. This treat is full of good fats and nutritious ingredients. I can promise you that you won’t fancy the whole lot as the nourishing ingredients (as contrario to the empty calories that sugar does contain) will fill you up very quickly!

I have used:

1 x 1/4 cup  of raw coconut oil by Viridian (the best ever!!!)

1 x 1/4 cup of coconut cream

1 x 1/4 cup of almond butter

1 x 1/4 cup of desiccated coconut flakes

1 tsp of natural vanilla extract

Optional: you can add whatever superfood you fancy such as cacao nibs, maca, goji berries, acai, mulberries and so on…Make your own search on those fabulous ingredients and see for yourself what you would like to try!

Mix all the ingredients together. Spread the mixture on a flat plate. Leave it in your freezer for as long as you want to. After a while, you can easily break some pieces of and keep them in a tight container, still in your freezer or fridge.

I enjoy them frozen!

It won’t taste sweet but my taste buds are getting use to it and I really enjoy those occasional treats 🙂

I hope you will do too.

With warm LOVE,

Stephanie xxx

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2 thoughts on “WEEK 2: a balanced life free from sugar

  1. caschroader on said:

    I thought the issue with sugar addiction / illness was with refined sugars?

    Have you already tried to cut out refined sugars and used natural sweeteners like honey & maple syrup and did not have success with that?

    • Bonjour 🙂 Thank you for your suggestion. I have indeed use agave nectar, honey and manuka honey, fruit sugars and dried fruits, lucuma powder and so on. Refined or natural sweeteners still kept me wanting more and more of. Once I started on eating healthy or non healthy treats, the same problem occurred…couldn’t stop myself just eating one piece…I had to have it all with an overwhelming feeling of not being of control of my compulsive eating behaviour.

      Right now, what I try to achieve is to get the TASTE and the sugar out of my system for a couple of months.THE: “I have to have something sweet…NOW…EVERYDAY…(healthy or refined) does not make me feel good”.

      Through my journey, I have read about fructose which is considered as natural sugar by many. The only problem is that our body does not recognise fructose. If we are eating too much of it, fructose (in large quantity) suppress our leptin hormone which is the one able to tell you when you are full or not. Fructose has to be processed via our liver and in excess is store as fat. The more I eat, the less I know when I am full = the more likely I indulge on it (at least, it is my interpretation. it might not resonate with other people on a different journey of mine…). Agave nectar is about 90% fructose…

      The thing is by looking at our labels, sugar (high in fructose) is everywhere in our food: mustard, chilli sauce, stock, process food, salad dressing, low fat products (products with less fat would taste like cardboard so brands had to increase sugar content to make their products taste acceptable), processed cheese, cereals….

      The combination of sugar and fats make a very attractive and “addictive” taste for people. I feel like the food industry knows about it. Have you ever experienced eating one Pringle and not being able to stop? I have done that so many times…and I found out that Pringle does have sugar added to it. Bizarre, isn’t it for a savoury treat? I wonder WHY? So for me, if I don’t have the hormone to process the sugar content of this item, that might be the reason why I cannot stop to just one and have to overindulge on them, quickkkk…

      I am sorry to overload you 🙂 there is a link on my blog: “sugar the bitter truth”. If you are interested in the subject, I would advice you to watch the video on you tube.

      I do not want to convince anybody in what I am saying. I am just exposing the insights that I am getting for myself and my struggles.

      Phewwww, I wish you a beautiful weekend. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

      Many thanks,


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