Making my life simpler is making my life happier.

I used to work in town and live in town.

Working in town, I was constantly surrounded by sales, special offers (I HAVE to have this top….surely it won’t be at this price twice…), Waitrose (my favourite supermarket!), beauty events suggesting AND pushing me to purchase 2 or 3 NECESSARY additions to my make up bag, bars, cafes and restaurants…

Looking back, living 15 min away from the city centre and not working in town anymore made me realise how much I do NOT miss all those marketing tricks to make me purchase things that I don’t really need.

Of course, I was the only one responsible for my actions and cannot blame on companies to try thriving in a difficult economic climate. But I have to say that being far away from this busy world is helping me to plan and budget for what I DO really need.

So many times, I have spent money on a piece of clothing or make up which were unessential to me. So many times, my purchases which were costing me a tenner, £20…£30 (??) were ending up at the back of my wardrobe and forgotten.

Planning and budgeting is making me feel better. I take some time to step back and think….What DO I REALLY NEED? What can I REALLY afford right now? Do I have bills or other boring expenses to think about before purchasing unnecessary toiletries / hand bags…?

Waiting and saving for what I DO really need is making me feel better too. I have never been in this position and was always buying something on impulse. Not that I was spending huge silly amount on expensive clothes…but £10 par ci and £10 par la…well…didn’t help me increase my bank account…

Not working in town anymore and working locally has two advantages:

  • I am walking to work so my fitness and well being is on increase. Walking early in the morning is very refreshing and the quietness of the streets at 7.45am is very soothing.
  • I am saving a weekly bus ride ticket which was about £12 a week. The money that I am saving is going towards priorities or a fun outdoor activity purchased via Groupon, living social or wowvoucher for a relaxing SPA day…

Working in a bakery, I though that I would not be able to save money or survive in this very commercial world but in fact…it is the opposite…I rarely spend money through my week as 1) I rarely take a break to go out and hang around in local shops 2) delicious food is provided so my food expenses are on decrease too.

I also realise that I do not need much. In fact, the less I have the happier I am. I do not want to suggest that money is evil and do not want money. Of course I do! But I started to appreciate my life by living a simpler life and within my means. I am also learning invaluable lessons such as planning and budgeting so I can begin to take responsibility for myself.

I will certainly embrace the time when money will flow a bit more freely in my bank account. But from now, being stress free and away from stressful responsabilities are helping me to put myself back in harmony and balance. I am simply content and grateful for what I have got and right now…it is what matter to me.

I will speak to you soon and will also give you an update on my sugar free journey.

(a monthly bus ride ticket saved…a Elbow concert ticket purchased :)))

In the meantime, I am sending you lots of love,

Stephanie xxx

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One thought on “Making my life simpler is making my life happier.

  1. Hi Steph! So glad I logged onto your website today – i have been thinking similar thoughts recently as i’ve been spending and not considering the impact on my bank account to say the least! Inspiring article, thanks a million, hope to see you soon!!! jo xxx

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