A day of foraging wild food …a truly FUNtastic and informative experience!

This weekend, I have booked my partner, a friend and myself a workshop on foraging wild food. I was sooo excited to attend this workshop because it was all about having access to FREE (yes FREE) food and making some delicious recipes out of them.

The meet up point was in Meanwood park (LEEDS, UK), 10.00am. We stopped by Waitrose to get some snacks and drinks. I just LOVE WAITROSE! I couldn’t let my partner, my friend and myself go to a 3 hours walk with hunger pants and dehydrated right? (Ok… I confess that I have spent £7 on snacks and drinks…. but I felt excited to treat ourselves in natural and healthy drinks… 🙂 ! and paid the price…

On my shopping list were:

Coconut water: I am in love with this at the moment! Apparently,  coconut water is one of the healthiest drink and the fastest way of rehydrating athlete’s body . I am an athletic human being, right? I am going for a 3 hours walk so I do need to replace the amount of water that I have lost during …my walk!!! :). It is a bit of money but when I am considering the price of a cocktail on a night out (a shocking £7 A cocktail, well… life is about making choices and I do want to allow myself some healthy treats time to time…

The following brand is one of my favourite. I like the fact that this water do NOT contain any of artificial flavourings or preservatives and no added sugar. It can be shocking the amount of sugars that some fruit juices / Coca cola do contain. I have made some researches and I have found a very interesting video on the amount of sugar that a can of coke does contain: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/714192/must_see_this_the_amount_of_sugar_in_coke/. If you have a little bit of time, this video is worthwhile to look at.

Cocofina - Natural Coconut Juice

Also I wanted to add my views on smoothies. I used to drink smoothies on a regular basis but those didn’t seem to make me healthier by any mean! I do NOT want to say that a smoothie is unhealthy. It is more likely the act of drinking it on a day-to-day basis which doesn’t make smoothies very healthy.

Again BALANCE is required as fruits are acidic and do not make my teeth any favour. The enamel of my teeth is quite shocking to be honest. I am dreaming one day to have my teeth somehow sorted out. But up until I do not have the money on my account…well I have to live with it and minimise my exposure to acidic substances. I do not want to blame on fruit juices as far as concerned the state of my enamel as it can be a mix of various elements. However, by coming across the following article, it reaffirmed my thoughts on regular intakes of smoothies such as  a staggering 22 teaspoons of sugar per litre carton of smoothie!!!  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-428455/The-smoothies-sugar-Coke.html

– Some BOUNCE Spirulina and Ginseng energy balls. I love them too as a snack!  I love their natural / Gluten free / no artificial content and much more. They are a bit pricey but once in a while they are truly worthwile :)))


Going back to our wild food foraging experience…well it has been a truly wonderful experience! I have never seen someone as passionate as Mina and I am so grateful to have crossed her path (http://www.msitu.co.uk/). She is an addict of foraging wild food the same as me being an addict of healthy food! Every time she has a minute to study foraging wild herbs / mushrooms and making wonderful dishes out of them…she is doing so. I would recommend anyone to be in contact with her as she is offering 3 hours walks and inspiring talks for only £15. I think this is a very decent price for this lenght of time and I can truly say that I came home with wonderful ideas such as:

– Dandelion flowers soaked in sunflower oil for a massaging treat

– Dandelion flowers mixed with natural sweeter such as honey

– Red clover sandwiches

– Wild garlic leaves and bulbs home-made bread

– Chicken of the wood mushroom omelette

– Hawthorn flowers mixed with Henry King leaves & sorrel leaves salad

– Common lime flowers tea for a very calming afternoon herbal tea and much more.

Here are few pictures taken from our walk:

Our wonderful walk finished off by a very home made picnic kindly made by Mina and her partner…Absolutely delicious!

Lots of Love,

Stephanie xxx

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2 thoughts on “A day of foraging wild food …a truly FUNtastic and informative experience!

  1. offallygood on said:

    I almost went on this course! But then didn’t have time! Looking to the next one!

    • awwweee I would recommend you to go! as I said in the post, Mina is extremely knowledgeable and so passionate. Some more days are planned though. It is a lovely day out. Lots of love and see you soon. Hope all is well. xxx

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