How I have been improving my motivation for fitness

After an unusually long period without trainin...

After an unusually long period without training or racing due to an injury, I have put on my running shoes again. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fitness has never been something that I had much love for. I knew that I HAD to exercise to keep me healthy but I have never found something to stick to. I have been to the gym which I found hard to commit after work, I have tried swimming pool which I didn’t fancy on cold days, I have tried to run which I found a little bit boring and difficult to get into, I have tried classes which were great but couldn’t afford them when money was an issue.

Right now I know that my body frame and energy level can’t really handle hard core cardiovascular exercises. However since I have been using my indoor Fitness Trampoline, well…I have to say that my muscles in my legs have been strengthened and I really do looking forward jumping on my trampoline while putting some uplifting music of my choice!

It is brilliant! I can use it at my most convenient time. I don’t particularly follow any techniques, I just let my body flowing with the rhythm of the music. I love the freedom of my movements. I just dance and it feels good to my body but good to my soul too! It feels like I am disconnecting from the busyness of the outside world, forgetting about everything and just DANCE!

Our busy lifestyle, our lack of energy and stress in our life can stop us finding the motivation to do a little bit of exercises. I found that when I am not moving, my whole body feel very heavy, my skin is not oxygenated properly, I am suffering from bad circulation. I was wondering: How can I improve my fitness while having fun and not being too hard on myself? I found my answer. Perhaps it will resonate with you too 🙂

Being active is a key component in putting my life back in balance. I have heard that so many times but it is so true! I deeply know that exercise is a key component to my health.

Since  I have started to gently improve my fitness level I find more energy to go for runs or add a bit more variety to my fitness routine!!!

If you don’t have a CD player or up-beating music, go and create an account with Spotify. It will also give you the opportunity to widen your music repertoire! I am listening to a wide variety of songs from Depeche Mode to Black Eye Peas or French songs …It feels good to put some music that I haven’t been listening to for ageeeesssss.

The Best Of, Volume 1 by Depeche Mode (2007)

The Best Of, Volume 1 by Depeche Mode (2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes though, I am lacking of inspiration… so if you have any ideas, I would be more than happy to listen to your suggestions :)))

Have a lovely evening,

Stephanie xxx

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3 thoughts on “How I have been improving my motivation for fitness

  1. Hi Stephanie, Lovely blog-post. I’d love to get myself a indoor trampoline! I’ve been on the lookout for a bargain for a while now 😉 lol.

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