Get better faster with positive thinking

I have recently came across a very interesting article on how “to get better faster” mentioning that a POSITIVE ATTITUDE was a key of recovering from many illnesses.

On my journey to unplug from thinking about food but also putting myself back in balance financially and emotionally, I couldn’t agree more with the above statement. I have heard this statement so many times before…yes I D-O K-N-O-W that a positive attitude is important for healthy living but how do I do that ??!! because, let’s be honest there… I am not feeling like it AT ALL!

At the time I didn’t realise that the job I was in was stressing me a lot, at the time I didn’t realise that I was obsessing with food, at the time I didn’t realise that a lack of exercise was causing me sluggishness, at the time I wasn’t STOPPING and WATCHING my thoughts. It is so easily done though!I wasn’t paying too much attention to my negative thoughts and could have been in a mood for aggggeeessss! (days??!!)

I have to say that daily morning meditation, spiritual guidance ( and my 2 days retreat with the Bright Path Community ( have been really helping me to reconnect with my inner self. It took me a lot of cries, work on facing my fears and healing… but ultimately I have found peace and tranquillity.

I understand now that challenges are there for a reason: to help us being stronger beings.

Of course, watching my thoughts, being more aware of them and taking responsibility for a more uplifting way of thinking hasn’t been a straight forward journey! However, I feel that putting my life back in balance is step by step leading me to a more content and happier life.

Going back to the article that I have been reading, I also would like to share its content with you. This article was extracted from The complete guide to Recovery and Recuperation (Reader’s Digest, £14.99 /

  • Be Optimistic

Leading a happy life makes you less prone to heart disease according to a study from Columbia University, New York. While the reasons are not clear, it is thought positive people are better at handling stressful situations. Conversely, those who feel hopeless and helpless about life tend to cope less well with ill health.

  • Alter your thinking

A sense of no longer being in control is a key aspect of the increased vulnerability many feel when seriously ill. You cannot change your personality but you can alter the way you deal with what is happening to you. Try these strategies:

  1. Give yourself thinking time. Allow yourself 15 minutes a day to focus on your illness. Take one day at a time. Concentrate on how you’ll deal with today instead of dwelling on an uncertain future.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with those who are constructive and make you laugh.
  3. Savour the moment. Stop to smell the roses and enjoy the little things that surround you.

Laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Have a laugh
Watching funny film or meeting up with a friend for a giggle releases feel-good endorphins that can mask pain. This is why some cancer patients take part in comedy sessions. The brain creates neural pathways in people who are gravely ill or severely depressed and laughter disrupts these patterns, setting up something new.
  • Be sociable

According to the Lonely Society, a report published by the Mental Health Foundation, persistent loneliness affects stress hormones, the immune system and cardiovascular function and can have a cumulative effect in impact of being a smoker. helping others is a great way to help yourself so sign up for some volunteer work.


  • Get creative

Keep a diary of your experiences. A report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists concludes  that writing about traumatic or emotional events helps improve bot physical and psychological health. Why not have a go at painting or knitting? The NHS report ART for health found being creative during a time of illness resulted in a more positive outlook with increased confidence, sociability and self-esteem. 


I do hope you will like this article as much as I did!


With warm love,


Stephanie xxx


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