Beauty TIP: a WOW natural and cheap facial cleanser

I haven’t been using a facial wash or creamy cleanser for a while now. NO…NO I promise you I am following a cleansing routine every morning and night!!! But at a time when I didn’t really have money to buy a facial wash (I like to use organic and natural brands as they are much more healthier for my skin! Although I am wearing make up which are not necessarily from natural brands, I try to use mineral foundations / blushers… as much as I can: ), I have been using what was available in my kitchen cupboard… Organic rapeseed Oil !

Pura Organic Rapeseed Oil (500ml)

I bought it in Tesco and I think the bottle costed me £1.29 (last me agggeeesssss). I love oils on my skin. It might not be the taste of everybody but I do love  the feel: well hydrated and sooooo smooth! My first step would be to drop a small amount of rapeseed oil in my hand and apply it in circle motion. I would massage it into my skin to make sure that I am lifting any trace of make up and residues from pollution. To remove everything, just using water will not work so I have been using an old (but clean :)))…. handkerchief as a muslin cloth to gently exfoliate and remove the oil and make up from my skin. I can assure you that the whole process is giving my skin a deep cleanse without using any irritating chemicals or being too harsh for my skin.

I have got a combination skin and have been using tea tree oil based products from conventional brands from places like Boots / Superdrugs… Looking back, they were just too harsh for my skin and just created reactions on my skin such as redness or making spots even more inflammed. Personally, I do not believe in those kind of products. Making my cleansing routine simple and using natural products are as efficient as petroleum based products!

People like me with combination skin or oily skin are scared to apply more oils into the skin but bear in mind that by applying harsh treating products,they will remove our natural oils and our skin will end up to create even more of its natural oils to protect itself. I wouldn’t leave a baby without any sunscreen protection while exposing them in the sun. It is exactly the same for combination / oily skin. The skin needs to have a protection to fight pollution / the damage of the sun and so on.

A balance needs to be restored and a gently but moisturising routine will give the chance to my skin to heal.

I also do believe that beauty is coming from the care I give to my body from the inside. Looking at my diet and limiting rich fatty food, especially late at night time is helpful to my skin. Because when my liver is overloaded by alcohol, rich food, refined sugar, high levels of hormones…and cannot deal with those substances anymore…they just ending up to be expel….through my skin…. have you ever noticed that the skin looks even more congested after a night out??? Well… I DO !!!!!

Grape-seed oil is a good one for oily or combination skin as the natural constituent of this oil is lighter than any other oils such as wheat-germ (very rich and therefore very useful for dry skin) or almond oil (amazing to soothe sensitive or normal skin).

Right, it is time for me to go. As usual, I am sending you my love and wish you a beautiful Jubilee Weekend!

Stephanie xxx

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