A Deep Tissue Massage: my treat of the day!

Today I have been lucky enough to be offered a massage by an excellent therapist Jim Mason (working at Neal’s Yard Remedies, store: LEEDS).  As a casual sales assistant for the store, Jim has kindly offered me my first massage for free so I could easily identify the strenghts of his therapy.

So today, here  I am ! attending my much needed sport massage at 13.30. Jim is specialised in deep tissue massage therapy and oh yes!…the treatment was extremely deep! I could feel all the knots on my back to be deeply worked on. It wasn’t that much of a relaxing treatment but it wasn’t the aim of this treatment.

I felt so stiff for the last few weeks and was dying for a massage! I have got a bad tendency to work on my computer with a twisted back on the sofa. I Know I shouldn’t do that (I am doing it right now!!! ok ok I am changing my position for a straight back now :)).

Accumulation of stress and poor postures (on the sofa / doing the washing up / lifting boxes from the floor / carrying my whole house in my big hand bag…) are really contributing to my bad back and a sense of being out of balance.

I am very grateful for this treatment. I do love massages! They help me to connect with my body. They help me to feel lighter and more energised. Aromatherapy oils can be added to a treatment to work on emotional imbalances too. So many times, I have been seeing my friends therapists, in complete emotional turmoil. Trish Fearnley (amazing aromatherapist also working at Neal’s Yard Remedies, store LEEDS) always found the best aromatherapy blend to deal with my emotional state: sometimes I was wrapped up in a wonderful blend of rose and cardamon. Other times a smell of ginger and lime were floating in the air and on my skin for their grounding and energising properties. (please consult a qualified aromatherapist if you want to use pure essential oils on your skin as these are extremely concentrated and need to be used with care and respect. Also, please differentiate pure essential oils sold by recognised natural and organic brands than the ones sold in supermarkets as they often tend to be synthetics).

Visit http://www.nealsyardremedies.com

It is so easy though to ignore our body. We DO, DO and DO / RUN, RUN and RUN /EAT, EAT and EAT without paying attention to signals that our body is sending us.  They are a great way for me to escape any daily stresses and having a bit of ME TIME which I value a lot.

I felt a bit dizzy after the treatment and had to slow down for a short while but all in all, I felt rapidly energised. Jim told me that I might get some bruises on my back (aiiieeee) but be reassured that I am absolutely fine!

I really want to have massages on a regular basis as I think they will be part of putting my life (and body) back in balance and harmony!

With much Love,

Stephanie xxx

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