Walks, woods, flowers, birds, trees…heaven for peace of mind

I love going for walks! I never really used to… But lately, I felt an urge of going out in parks and woods, getting some fresh air and hearing little birds singing. I found their singing very therapeutic and soothing! It makes me feel calmer. I love waking up early in the morning, focusing my attention on their chorus while lying in bed. It just makes me smile and appreciate the now and then.

I never used to like hearing birds singing neither! I have always found them a bit annoying and not very interesting. I particularly had a strong dislike for… pigeons! You might ask why?  Once upon a time I was working as an hostess for an exhibition fair in Paris. I had to be dressed very smart. It was a beautiful day and decided to take my lunch outside. I was invaded by pigeons but wasn’t paying too much attention to them… up until… one gently and nicely decided to do his fecal matter on my beautiful black trouser! I don’t know if that ever did happen to you but it was extremely difficult to remove…very acidic…well…I will pass on the details. I can also remember one day on a very romantic walk with my partner the pleasure to receive the above mentioned gift on my…forehead! It was very funny though and we laugh sooooo much!

My partner mentioned a kite festival in Harewood. There was a long time I wanted to go there and visit its beautiful gardens. The kite festival….well….only 3 were in the sky. We laughed at all the people who came especially for the event by coaches. Nothing to watch really…if you want to see colourful  kite, you’d better go on a beach resort and not pay to go to a kite festival and hardly seeing any in the air…However, we took the opportunity to visit Harewood and go for a walk around the gardens. We have been nicely surprised by the beauty of our surroundings. It has been a very special moment. Here are enclosed some pictures that we took on our walk.

I have been very impressed by our pictures too! The walk took us a good couple of hours.We had great fun trying to take professional pictures but also felt really good by walking and improving my fitness!

Have a lovely evening,

With Love and Gratitude,

Stephanie xxx

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