I do LOVE crisps but do LOVE Organic baked corn snacks by Organix too!

I Love crisps, as everybody does! I love the saltiness, the crunchiness, the fattiness … hummmm… Although, I can easily be in a habit of eating them regularly…and I know that if I am not consciously stopping myself, I can easily put my body out of balance.

Is eating bags of crisps EVERY SINGLE DAY part of a balanced diet? … My answer is NO

I wanted to think about healthier alternatives and here is what I found: Organic baked corn snack coated with carrot by Organix (you can find them in most supermarkets). They are pretty good, I have to say. Not as salty as crisps are as these snack bags do not have any added salt (which is a good thing for me as I tend to over salt my food!) and are free from colourings and hydrogenated fat. You will not find them in the “normal crisps” section but rather in the baby food section. Baby food sections do contain some pretty good stuff as they tend to have “No Junk” in them.

This is not to disregard a bag of crisps time to time but rather find alternatives so I am not ending up eating crisps every single day!!!

What would be your healthier alternative to your favourite bag of crisps?

Speak to you soon.

Love xxx Stephanie

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