Have Fun: How to make a realistic looking flesh wound!

In my search for non-food related activities to help me unplugging from thinking about food, I went to a friend of mine who, one day made a realistic looking fresh wound on her face. She loves playing with make-up but also is dreaming of working in this industry. When I  am looking around me, I have so many talented friends who are not expressing their inner talent the way they should do. As I said in previous posts, it is so easy to let the boring side of our life taking over and lessens hobbies or activities which will bring us JOY and HAPPINESS! Sometimes too, it is about not trusting ourselves enough to share our skills with others…

We planned to meet up on a Sunday afternoon for her to teach me how to make scary make-up special effects on my face! It has been good timing as it was the following day of a first night out that I had in a while. I know that every time, on the following day of a night out, my cravings for junkie food are very high on top of the alcohol and my midnight overindulging kebab and fries abuse! And each time, I do know that it doesn’t make me feel good. The hangover is bad enough that I have to break off the habit of overloading my poor liver with extra rubbish the next day. So…this non-food related activity was ideal to detach myself from thinking about food or watching programs such as Come dine with me which make me want to eat even more!

The whole process was very therapeutic! I found that the act of focusing my attention on one thing (creating a scary scar on my face!) was a bit like meditation. I love meditation but I do believe that meditation doesn’t have to be serious and can be practice by putting your heart and soul in doing something creative.


My lovely friend Sam   &   Me

We had a really good time! She kindly shared the materials needed with me. All in all, I didn’t spend any money and the whole experience did bring me a lot:

1)      A new skill that I wouldn’t have tried on my own

2)      Divert my attention from my night out cravings

3)      Share a special moment with a friend

4)      Gave some space to my partner to prepare me a meal 🙂 on my return!

When I came back to my partner, I couldn’t find my keys so knocked on our door. He opened the door and for a very short period of time thought that I have been attacked and was in complete shock! He had a little tear in his eye and hold me tight. Aweee, he was so cuteeee!

You tube are full of tutorials so you can have fun with some friends to create special skin effects! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlKBlHyFAqE&feature=related is just one link example!

Have fun,

With Love and Gratitude,


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