Discounted Designer Outlets…I LOVE YOU

Not having lots of money, I still want to feel good and getting new clothes!

One Saturday, my partner suggested for us to get some new clothes. With my financial situation, I didn’t allow myself to do that for quite a while! My sensible way of thinking about money came at me: “Aieeee, I don’t have the money…I have to pay for the bills and for our friends leaving Do night out…”. Then I stopped and elaborated a budget. Confining myself in a vicious circle about being concern about my money is not necessarily healthy for my mind.

Elaborating a budget helped me to see clearly how much I could spend on some new clothes without feeling guilty in doing so. Plus, it helped me to prioritize on what I truly needed. It is so easy to go on a shopping trip and spend so much money on what you don’t really need! Very often I have been in a situation of spending lots of money (at a time I was a bit richer :))) on trendy clothes, wearing them once or twice and then forgetting about them…

I realized that my style is very simple: a nice fitted jean, a white tee-shirt and some kind of heeled little boots can do the job. Also, I really realized too that if i am not feeling good inside…even the most expensive piece of clothes will not make me feel any better! I will still think about my unclear complexion, my puffy eyes and so on. So, I have learnt to look after myself INSIDE OUT.

Go back to our shopping day out, I suggested to my partner to look into discounted designer places that i have heard about from various friends. And they DO EXIST! We found one nearby Leeds called The Mill Batley which is a large retail with 4 huge store of fashion / home-wares, furniture and gifts at permanently discounted prices of 30% and more from high street prices. My partner put a request on Facebook to ask his friends if they would be aware of any other places like the Mill in Batley. One of his friend came back to us and suggested us to go to York to a designer outlet offering more than 60% off on designer brands! I could have not asked better than that!

So here we are…in a magical bargain clothing, home-wares and much more designer outlet! I can tell you that I am absolutely thrilled at this point to have found this bargain paradise! Thank you Nicola and Finkel 🙂

I haven’t been over the top and adhered to my budget. Here are few bargains that I wanted to share with you:

(dress from NEXT)

– A tee-shirt/dress from French Connection: £7 (was priced £40)

– A dress from Next: £20 (was priced £49)

– A necklace from Next: £6 (was priced £18)

– A legging from Next: £9 (in fact I don’t think that I have done a bargain there but it was a thick and good quality legging …)

Here are the websites of the two places that I have mentioned in this post

Lots of love and speak to you soon,

Steph xxx

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