Car Boot Sales…I LOVE YOU!

I love car boot sales! They are great place to find bargains! I love them, especially in time of financial difficulty! I mean it is not because I am not earning much that I have to stop living! I just have to find ways to improve my life while living with the amount of money that I have got from now…

Back in mid-January 2012, my partner and myself moved back together in a new place. We never owned any furniture. We always rented furnished apartments and never really invested in anything.

This time, to make things easier for ourselves 🙂 we decided to go for … an unfurnished place! Time was urging us to move. We visited few places which were furnished but a bit too pricey for us and not really to our liking. A friend of my partner was letting his house. At first, I wasn’t keen on this place.

I have to tell you a secret. I was praying for one of my friend’s house (THAT I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!!!) to be free at some point. Again, I have used my magical power of “Law of attraction” to attract this property to me. Don’t worry, I didn’t wish my friend any bad luck :). My friend and her partner were PERHAPS in a process to move and at the time I put positive intentions out in the universe to attract the property to me.

Well… it never did happen…and we had to make a quick decision. We decided to go for my partner’s friend property. We lived a couple of months with just one sofa in the middle of our empty living room and our TV (oh my partner owns that one!)

Going back to the car boot sales! Sunday the 6th of May I really wanted to go to the car boot sales in Otley. My other half didn’t feel like it but I REALLY wanted to go! I have been putting it back for a while because things were getting on the way. It is funny that sometimes you can put things off which truly matter to you. As I said my Partner didn’t really want us to go and made me a very kind offer!: driving there but.. in exchange I had to iron 3 shirts. He absolutely HATE doing his shirts, so do I! But I agreed on the deal…

The sun was shining and lots of bargains have been made 🙂

Here is a picture of our living room. Well…the two sofas have been kindly given to us / the shelving unit has been kindly given to us / our coffee table £17 (bargained from £25) / the tea light holder £ .50 pence / the light on the shelving unit £ 2 / 2 vases: one costed us £2 the other one was priced at £10 but managed a good bargain £6 (it is a really good quality one and didn’t want to let it go) / the vinyl picture frame, Neil Young! £15 found in a charity shop / the flower pot on the top of our shelving unit is an old cafetiere…

In my current situation to put my life back in balance, money is tight but I feel like it doesn’t have to stop me doing things. Building security and strong foundation for me and my partner is a MUST. I realized through my journey in making my coaching practice my reality that I had to look into my own life first before pretending helping others with similar issues. As I said in my introduction (please refer to the section AIM OF THIS BLOG if you would like to know more about the start of this blog), I found a passion of mine: Life coaching. Being in a position to help another to move forward with their life and dreams is highly satisfying for me. It is what I want to do but first I had to accept that I wasn’t ready for it. I had to build strong foundation for myself first and look at having better financial security and at creating a nest for myself and my partner. But with a low wage and living in the world we are living now, how can I do that??!!

Well, car boot sales are just amazing! You can find some real treasures. Of course one item might be the liking of someone but the dislike of someone else. But there is something so satisfying about searching for THE perfect item which is going to perfectly fit your living room. Me and my partner love a kind of minimalist style. We can be messy at times and it is better for us to have few good pieces of furniture in our living spaces. Plus, I found that overloading rooms with lots of things clutter my mind and it doesn’t make me feel good. Plus, you have fewer things to clean :). Plus, it really helps me to develop my creative side that I have suppressed for a while by constantly thinking about food! It is a non-food related activity that I truly enjoy.

If you are interested a bit more in car boot sales, here is a link:

Have a lovely bargain day :))

With Love and Gratitude,


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