Unleashing my creativity on a bright and sunny day…

One day, on our way to a car boot sale, we decided to stop by a little cafe/restaurant situated in the middle of the town of Otley. The sun was shinning high and we decided to take an outside table. A delightful Sunday afternoon, indeed.

AND It is getting even better! While ordering un cafe au lait, a group of people approached us and asked us if we wanted to draw something of our choice for … FREE. They provided us with pastels, crayons, paper and so on. We gave it a try and it was so much fun! I am far from being an artist and my drawing skills are awful but it was great to spend an hour and being creative.

Here are few pictures on our beautiful creative day!


This group of people, dedicating their free time to teach others their passion was so inspiring! I wish that more people would do that to bond people together, increase a sense of community and spread Happiness and Joy around!

(My drawing (last one) 🙂 please don’t laugh…Oh GO ON THEN !)

With Love and Gratitude,

Steph xxx

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