Grow your own indoor herb garden !

Our indoor herb garden!

Gardening is very therapeutic. Me and my partner decided to have a herb garden. There is a long time I wanted to try so here we are… planting these little seeds to hopefully seeing them flourishing very soon. We have got tones of them and it just make me think how much profit Big supermarkets are making by selling 1 pot of coriander £1 each !!! I always thought: Bargain!! Now that I have seen how many pots we have been getting from few little seeds. INCROYABLE 🙂

We have been first in Homebase to get some pots and compost. Well…We didn’t find much of bargains there. They were selling 5 small pots for nearly £4 while we needed a good 20 pots. I really didn’t want to spend this sort of money. We then took the direction of a pound shop type to see if we could get a bargain…we couldn’t find any but what we thought about was to use large plastic glasses and make a hole underneath.ET VOILA: JOB DONE! We even found some compost at 0.79 pence each while in Homebase, the price of a similar quantity was much more expensive. I can tell you that I was highly satisfied in my search for good bargains!

The process is very simple. We filled the plastic container with 3/4 of compost, made  a little hole in the compost, placed the seed and covered it with some more compost. We displayed all our plantation in a tray and put it in a bright and light area. That it is!

I am hoping I won’t be insulted by professional gardeners by telling you the wrong thing! Haha. just double check on this link to get more accurate details on how to grow your own herb garden:

I would also really encourage to visit the following website: Ethical community is owned by 2 lovely friends of mine, committed to make our life better by offering eco friendly products and gathering independents to sell their beautiful home-made products. If you have gifts to make for your beloved ones, I would definitely recommend this website 🙂

Have a lovely Day,


Steph xxx

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