1st Night Out in a while…

Last night was my first night out for a while. In fact, a good 5 or 6 months alcohol free! Back at the time, I took the decision to stop drinking because it really didn’t make me feel good. When I am saying really, I mean REALLY. It is not that I was abusing of alcohol but even few glasses of red wine made me sick the following  day. It did happen at different times and at this point I had ENOUGH of suffering like Hell the day after a night out. I just wanted to go out the next day or having a productive day instead of staying on the couch watching 5 episodes of “Come Dine with me” in a row while eating junkie food. Because it is a fact: after a night out, you are more likely to indulge in greasy, salty and sugary food to make your whole situation even better! HAHA.

So… last night was the last Saturday of one of a very good friend of mine. Her journey is taking her and her lovely husband to…Australia. A big step…A big change…a very well done to them. Bonne Chance et Bon Voyage! I am sad to see them leaving the country but also so excited for them! I am convince they will have a wonderful time. I just want to enclose a couple of pictures. One of me and my friend but also another one which make me laugh a lot! My partner taking the mickey of two good friends saying AU REVOIR an who won’t see each other for a little while. We had our tears and the boys were: “Come on GIRLS sheer up now!”

On our way back, my partner was desperate to have some food. 2.00 a.m I wasn’t hungry at all. However, I felt tempted by having a bit of a kebab and some fries. My healthy consciousness hasn’t stopped me at the time. When we sat down at home to eat this wonderful and tasty take away erhhhh….well…I manage to eat all the kebab and fries and chicken…I have eaten even more that my partner did…which is a miracle, I can tell you that! For someone who was not hungry in the first place, I have manage pretty well :))) Never mind…done now, I thought to myself on my way to bed. I had to resonate myself and telling myself that I haven’t done that for a long time and that is OK. I had a wonderful time with my friends and it is what did really matter in respect to my journey.

As I said, the next day is a little bit harder in term of not overloading my body with even more junkie food! It can be a bit challenging as alcohol seems to suppress my body sensations and feels like I can eat and eat and eat without feeling any real discomfort. It is bizarre!!! I have gone down that route so many times: Mc Donald first thing in the morning, tick…done it….deep fried English breakfast, tick…done it…chocolate cakes (leftovers from birthdays…), tick…done it. It is O.K but I do know that it doesn’t help me to recover from a night out and ultimately I want to feel good. So I didn’t want to eat any of that today.

This morning, I have asked my body: “what do you want me to eat today to feel good and nourished?”. Weird but what came up was: a carrot and orange soup! Well…my healthy consciousness came back and said it is probably because my body was dehydrated and lacked of vitamin C and a warming soup would be ideal: not too heavy and will give my liver a little bit of help from the overloading fries,kebab & chicken abuse eaten in the middle of the night.

It was absolutely lovely !!! I have just fried some onions with thyme then added the carrots, a bit of chicken stock and the orange juice of 2 oranges. Et VOILA! Ready in less than half an hour. It gave me the time the clean up the mess that we left in our living room. It made me feel GOOOOOODDDDDDD!

On my journey to put myself back in balance, I had to realise that not going out at all and having a zero alcohol tolerance lifestyle is not necessarily part of a balanced life. I do certainly not encourage any excess of alcohol whatsoever, but it felt so good to be with my friends and enjoying few glasses of Mojitos.


With Love,


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