Coping strategy with an unwilling fitness mind…

Keeping fit has always been a challenge for me.                

I have always subscribed to gyms, being full of enthusiasm at first and bored of them just after a couple of months. I never found any motivation after a long day at work.

Some people say how incredible sport is making them feeling good after a long day at work. How do they do that?!?? I mean, standing up all day long in a shop and my legs are painfully heavy! It feels like I have got bullet chains attached to them and can hardly move. Well, I am exaggerating there and you might think…aweee poor girl it is awful! It might be part of my “fighting gym mechanism” to find excuses for myself to NOT GO TO THE GYM.

But I also know that not doing any sport do not make me any favor neither! I used to be a great dancer when I was young but stopped because I wasn’t committed to it anymore. So many times, I have heard my mother saying: “Oh that is a great shame! Stephanie could have been a great dancer; she could have had a great carrier…and so on” Arrrgghhh mum, can you stop saying that! “. I have never really suffered from any weight issues and always thought of myself as an healthy person. I never felt the NEED of being active.

Time has changed now. The more I stop and connect to how my body feels, the more I notice how STIFF and INFLEXIBLE my body is.

I mean …31 years old and I am suffering from heavy legs and bad circulation… HUMMM! I can only guess that it will only get worse if  I am not doing anything about it NOW. Because NOW is better than later, right?

It just makes me think: What can I do to increase my fitness while enjoying the process of getting fitter?

Lately, I have been purchasing a mini fitness trampolino in my attempt in getting fitter. I have to say…I love it! I am playing uplifting music and let my body exercising the way it wants to be. I am not following any complicated routines like the ones that some fitness instructors are doing. I remember one day attending an aerobics class. OH GOD! The fitness instructor really did annoy me! The routine was so complicated and I couldn’t follow any movements. It made me feel like a looser at the time. Haha. Instead of feeling uplifted, I left the session more stressed than when I enter the class. Another day, I tried a contemporary dance class. Phewww, again…it wasn’t for me! The dance instructor did create a complicated routine with movements like jumping in the air, rolling on the floor and so on….Remember the girl with heavy legs after a long day at work? …I just couldn’t do it! Looking back, it would have been funny to film me at this point!

Jumping on the trampoline is easy and makes me feel good. I do look silly indeed. My partner came in the room one day, me jumping and dancing on my trampoline … he was: what the hell is she doing? Laughing and leaving me to my fitness routine. I might put a YouTube video one day… will see…

I have to say that the trampoline is making me feel fitter already. I have to push myself though to do it after a long day at work. I think that this is the key: I have to force myself at first and fight my unwilling mind in doing exercise. Because it does always make me feel good afterwards!

I have asked a committed gym friend what was his motivation tip to stick to his intense fitness routine (he is going 5 times a week for an hour and a half after work). He said to me that having a buddy to go with is his main source of motivation. He said that if he is going on his own and will find excuses for not going. We all have the same challenges, really. It is just finding a way to turn challenges into more positive experiences!

I relate to that. A friend of mine had a free gym pass and invited me to go with her. FREE? GYM? Yes ! I have to say I really enjoyed it, but I know that if I am subscribing to this gym…I will get bored after a while and it will be a nightmare to get rid of my subscription.

May be I am a kind of girl who is enjoying different type of activities and need varieties in my fitness routine so i am less likely to get bored?

I am drawn to try out badminton. A while ago, I went with a friend and I loved it! May be I loved the fact that I was beating him and was scoring more than he did. He might not agreeing with this point!

I will keep you updated with my fitness challenge!

Have a lovely day,

Love, Steph xxx

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