Money Making TIP…


Sometimes I really make myself laugh when I am looking back at things that I have done to deal with my tricky financial situation!

Last night, my partner came back from the shop and bought me some scratch cards. 5 in total. I was delighted and  felt energised by the prospect of winning £ 8000!!! Could do with that!

I visualized the £8 000 while I was scratching the first card: no gain…second card: no gain…third card: no gain…OH NO! My visualisation is not working really well…fourth card: no gain AGAIN…phewwww. Fifth card: £ 1. HOURRAHHH. I passed on the cards to my partner for him to double check that I didn’t miss £500 or £ 1000. Who knows?

He said: “why did you not scratch the bottom of the cards?” I said: “it is because the numbers at the bottom are reserved to the newsagent”. He replied: “How do you know that?”

Well … I told him (blush on my cheeks) that one day when I didn’t have any single penny in my bank account and our rent to pay for…I decided to plan a trip to the newsagent to get some…scratch cards! Very down-to-earth, isn’t?


I don’t know if you have ever heard of the secret or law of attraction? To put things very simply: You attract what you want… with positive visualisations and intentions, I was %100 SURE that I would get some money to pay for my rent, bills and so on…Well guess what? I didn’t win anything. On the day, I was so disappointed !

For those who haven’t read about my introduction, I quitted my job in December 2011 to fully immerse myself in a newly found passion: life coaching. I am so blessed and grateful to have found something that I really love to do. However, I didn’t do things in the right order. At the time, I didn’t have any energy left from my previous job and wanted to experience something new. I left, full of enthusiasm to make my new dream carrier my reality. But I drained myself because I didn’t have much money on the side and I was coming from a place of “desperation” to make my coaching practice a success. I should have stayed in my full time job and then focused on what did truly matter to me. But I didn’t have any energy left and I couldn’t focus on my newly found carrier. I am not regretting anything. It has been a good decision because I have grown and learnt so much. My mistake has been to not have found a new full time job straight away to ensure my bills to be paid for and my stress levels to be diminished! It took me a long time to let go the fact that my coaching practice will not happen straight away and that patience and commitment were required!

When I hit a very low point, I didn’t have any money left and realised OK: R-E-A-L-I-T-Y CHECK STEPH ! You need a job! You need to have strong foundation for yourself first. You need to be the light for yourself before being the light for others.

This period has been stressing me out so much! You might read this and think…Not very clever this French girl! I don’t consider myself un-intelligent. I have successfully achieved a Master in International Business and a level 5 Coaching certificate by the Institute of Leadership and Management. The thing is, I am a very emotional person and sometimes, emotions and heart feelings are getting on the way. At those times, it seems very difficult for me to make rational decisions. I was emotionally overwhelmed.

My partner couldn’t believe when I said that I was quitting my job (but didn’t say anything to me, bless him!)! He is very rational and down-to-Earth being. I was driven by my passion of helping others and completely overseen the little steps which were going to lead me to my dream job. I really appreciate him to have left me on my journey and letting me hitting a low point. Because it is by hitting a low point that some very important self-realisations and changes have occurred.  I had to go through the pain before seeing the light.

Going through this hard time made me realize that relying on others or on SCRATCH CARDS…:) to generate money is not ideal! Rather tapping into my personal power to create my own reality was more of common sense! The day I had this self-realisation, a part time job was awaiting for me to get some cash to pay for my bills and rent.

I will leave you by meditating on this post if you feel like it. From now, I wish you a beautiful evening or day wherever you are.

With Warm Love,


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4 thoughts on “Money Making TIP…

  1. Very true indeed and your post will inspire many people. Yes, what you think and believe is what you will attract so positive people will have positive life.

    • Hello, thank you very much for dropping me this lovely comment! Recognizing the way we are thinking is the first step to change our thoughts to more positive ones. It can be challenging but I found that by practising mindful meditation, it can help to be more aware of them and then taking action to change them. What do you think? Is there any techniques that you are using to help you controlling your thoughts? Love. Steph

      • I always think of the simple things in life and tell myself that life is better with the simple things i possess. I make myself content with simple living so I don’t need to worry and don’t need to aim so high.

  2. This resonates with me a lot. I do agree with you. By not having much in my life (I am more speaking about material goods), I do not feel unhappy. I am feeling better off in fact as I value what is important in my life and make conscious decisions about what I truly need or not. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :))

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